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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 6, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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in touch, all the time, online, at have a great weekend. horrific attacks on u.s. soil. but the police have learned. military investigators speak tonight. and a father fights back against his son's wishes. joe jackson is challenging a key provision. captioned by the national captioning institute
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more than 100 rounds of ammunition, what some call a cop killer, the latest developments of the shooting at fort hood, texas. army officials have confirmed that the gun used in the attack was not military issued but was the store bought. it could pierce bulletproof vests. the death toll is 13 and 23 are hospitalized. the suspected gunman fights for his life. jennifer donelan is live in fairfax county. we begin with suzanne kennedy. >> in the days leading up to the shooting, he said goodbye to his friends. the man accused of the worst mass killing on a military base acted as if the tv was gone off to work 40 opened fire -- act is as if he was going off to war before he opened fire. a midday moment of silence.
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flags flew at half staff to honor the 13 killed thursday at fort hood. >> this was a kick in the gut. not only for the fort hood community but our entire army. >> the alleged gunman is 39- year-old major nidal a meson. they see the psychiatrist shouted before opening fire with his weapons. >> he was sitting down. >> the were trying to determine a motive for the mass killing. he is a muslim who complained of being harassed because of his faith. among the dead are soldier francesco velez, who returned recently from iraq because she was pregnant. it >> e was a wonderful person
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who did not deserve to lose her life. >> and michael pearson, to join the army less than a year ago. >> there is no way that he could of been there in no way someone got on base. unless it was one of our own. the half-hour after said that, there was news that it was one of our own. >> memorial services are being planned for the victims. services that the president plans to attend. hasan has been transferred to a hospital in san antonia. -- in san antonio. he is on a ventilator in critical condition. suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. hundreds gathered for a somber candlelight vigil in fort hood, texas. soldiers of military families gathered to remember the victims of the shooting. the event featured music, prayers, and military personnel addressing those who gathered.
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the white house says president obama will attend a memorial service for the victims. robert gibbs said a service will be scheduled at the convenience of the families. more people who knew the doll hasan -- nadal hasan are speaking out about his life. jennifer donelan has that story in the latest on the mystery surrounding him. >> throughout the day, we have heard the comment over and over, the army psychiatrist was a quiet man who kept to himself. as for his relatives in falls church, the have not spoken on camera as of yet. in a statement, they say they are cooperating with the fbi -- fbi and called a hostile actions deplorable. the accused killer, a single 39- year-old with no children but lots of relatives, several who live in northern virginia where he was born.
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no one answered the door at his cousin's house in falls church, who last night talk to the police and released this statement. "our family is filled with grief for the victims. we are all asking why this happened. the answer is we do not know." >> i just really will stand the way because they are grieving. >> hasan graduated from virginia tech and practice that will to read. he rularly. at the muslim community center in silver spring. he was assigned to fort hood this summer. another cousin who watched the events from all the way in ramallah said he was in shocked and said hasan said he was being harassed on base. >> he said it won a to leave because they bothered him, there was racism towards him.
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>> neighbors in texas sa he gave them copies of the koran leading up to the killing and that it morning said, it was nice knowing you and give away all of his furniture. >> i don't know what would make him do something like that. >> relatives say hasan had hired a lawyer to get him out of the army. according to a police report out of texas, a person has been arrested for trashing his car and ripping off a bumper sticker that said " allah is love." we're learning more about the road civilian police officer who shot the suspected gunman. she remains in stable condition at a texas hospital after she was shot three times during the attack. her mother said that her daughter faces additional
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service -- surgery. >> someone from our home town was involved in this way, saving other lives. >> she is a native of north carolina who started her law enforcement career in 2000. she was trained on active shooter scenarios after the mass shooting in virginia tech. we will monitor every development of the shooting at fort hood all weekend long. we have the latest information on we are learning new details about another disturbing mass shooting. one person was killed and another five wounded. cynne simpson has the latest. >> the suspected shooter appeared because up in the hard economic times. rodriguez was let go two years ago. he cannot get enough hours working at subway and he did not
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receive his unemployment check that he was expecting. all of this apparently culminated in gunfire. >> why did you do it? >> they left me to rot. >> 40-year-old jason rodriguez's anger was directed at his former employer and he opened fire downtown in miami. inside, the engineering firm where he once worked. investigators say rodriguez went to the eighth floor and began shooting, killing one person, wounding five others. >> as i'm coming out of our suite, she is running toward me telling me to get back in, there is gunfire. you could smell the gunfire. >> we lock our door, barricaded our door with filing cabinets, to make sure if he was on the building he was not getting into our fice. >> please respond to the shots within a minute as worke fled the building. even as officers moved from floor to floor looking for the shooter, the wounded were brought out.
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a tip sent swat officers to the apartment of rodriguez's mother. >> they saw him through the window and asked him to come out. he did and he was arrested without incident. >> we saw the swat come in and was all the dogs. >> the city and state tried to make sense of the shooting. >> our thoughts and prayers go out to those who were injured and to the family of the one who was taken from us today. >> rodriguez recently told a bankruptcy judge he was more than $90,000 in debt. it is expected to make his initial court appearance this weekend. cynne simpson, abc 7 news. changing gears, looking at something more positive, the weather. bundle up, get ready for the heater to take on, temperatures could dip below freezing. doug hill as a first look. >> those temperatures have already dropped below freezing. already 30 degrees at leesburg,
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29 in west virginia, 30 degrees stafford. the temperatures dropped off. because of that and because we have not had a hard freeze, not the weather service has put out a freeze warning. -- the weather service has put out a freeze warning, shown on the graphics on screen. but when you wake up saturday morning, early risers will find cold conditions, the temperatures near 26, 36 along the bay and rivers. i think you'll like the weekend forecast predicts it will not stay cold all weekend. breaking news tonight from georgetown. two people had to be rescued after a car drove into the c& the space boat can now near fletcher's boat house. -- in a casino can now. three people have taken the
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hospital, though not have serious injuries. metro will be appealing giving its union three consecutive pay raises. john catoe said the transit agency cannot afford it. they said the panel did not comply with federal law that increases -- that allows for increases. metro has rejected -- projected a $144 million shortfall next year. coming up, he was shot out of his sons will, but joe jackson is trying to get some money. >> the best movie bets for the weekend. that is coming up. >> old town alexandria, known for its history in shopping, but all the shops? for its history in shopping, but all the shops? that story coming up.
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the energy to tackle challenges like climate change. what if that energy, came from an energy company. every day, chevron invests $62 million in people. in ideas. seeking, teaching, building. fueling growth around the world, to move us all ahead. this is the power of human energy. chevron. controversy and an historic part of northern virginia, a store that sells adult sex toys. at issue, whether the store should be allowed to stay open
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in historic old town alexandria. richard reeve has the story. >> it is on king street. many of the classic stores. among them is an outfit called the lotus bloom store, one of two adult themes stores here. lastly, city regulators voted not to regulate stores like this, but the debate is not over. old town, known for its historic to court and architecture. >> there are a lot of new things coming along. >> now has two adult-themed stores, eight blocks apart. about the city allow them to open. >> some are not too happy about this. >> sometimes you come by here and it seems very inappropriate with the mannequins and the
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lingerie. >> thursday, city planners declined a ban on additional adult businesses. lotus bloom would have been forced to close after 18 months. >> it is not fit in with what old town alexandria it stands for. >> the city planners are not commenting. lotus bloom say they provide a needed service for the community. >> if a woman has cancer or chronic illness, those things affect their personal lives. >> the store says it has taken pains to move things out of their window away from public view. >> i think he can still be within the family environment. >> the last issue is interesting because the city is talking about an amendment to limit any kind of adult items in the front window. the city council meeting in a couple of weeks, we are told all
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of this could completely change. richard reeve, abc 7 news. michael jackson's father is seeking an allowance from his son's estate. an attorney for joe jackson filed papers seeking a stipend. michael jackson's will only called for money to be paid to his mother, his three children, and various charity. a $60,000 per month payment goes for the care of the children. george clooney tries to read minds and jim carey reminds us the holidays are around the corner. i>> i have been reactivated. i am on a mission. >> george clooney plays a special military unit using psychic powers in "the man who stare at goats." quirky and sometimes funny, but
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tries to hard. >> also opening, disney's 3 d animated "a christmas carol," with jim carey. frightening, may scared the dickens at of the little ones. -- may scare the dickens out of the little ones. have a nice weekend. i'm arch campbell, abc 7 entertainment. a kid movie that might scare kids? that is interesting. >> some of that stuff scares me. >> i will tell you what scares me, the weather. >> it is already belowreezing. let's go right to the weatherbug, it will turn warmer over the weekend and wind up very nice. 42 degrees northwest washington outside of wtop studios, the temperatures there below freezing. beltsville 33 degrees, the wind is calm, sky is clear.
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haymarket, 28 degrees, clear skies. the official numbers in washington, just a little below average, 52 the high. the low for the day is 40 at 11:00 at reagan national airport. the numbers are continuing to go down. the temperatures dropping into the 30's, low 30's, 30 degrees in stafford, under a freeze warning. a spotsylvania up with the warning, too, as is arlington, the district, all the counties in maryland east of the day, right around the chesapeake and potomac and northern neck. overnight temperatures below freezing, with the exception of along the waterfront of the bay and the river. that is because those temperatures are in the low 50's still. the warm water makes it feel warmer. lots of cold air everywhere. 30's to the north, 28 northeast
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pennsylvania, wilkes-barre scranton 20 degrees. the temperatures uniformly dropping, the coldest night of the season. the growing season will be over by tomorrow morning. high clouds to the west, cloudiness moves in late tomorrow night, early sunday morning. that will not affect the weather in the daytime. sunshine, upper 50's. another day with sunshine, upper 60's sunday. monday and tuesday, mild weather, clouds return tuesday with the next chance of showers. that will be from the cold front. meantime, it will be cold overnight and in the morning. once we get past that, it is a nice stretch. saturday express, clear skies, sunshine, upper 50's, near 60. sunday, the numbers close to 70. partly sunny skies monday and
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tuesday, upper 60's. it then cooling down wednesday. very nice weather right through the middle of the week. >> enjoy it while we have it. we will be right back. female announcer: from jennifer, a sweeping chaise sectional at the unheard of price, now just $399. with luxurious styling and so affordable, just $399. only from jennifer. you don't have to spend a lot to have good taste.
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tonight, the d.c. women's center is celebrating an anniversary, its 35th anniversary during a black-tie gala. they help women and family with
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educational, financial, legal, and domestic violence services. maureen bunyan was the emcee of the celebration. good to see her out there. dan snyder and a number of the redskins were also there. >> good to hear that. >> we will talk about the redskins as they get ready for the sunday game in atlanta. the wizards and capitals were also in action. sports is coming up. lisa, your family thinks you might have "roasterphobia."
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(announcer) perdue. extra inspections. extraordinary chicken. the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. two local teams in action tonight, both on losing streaks, one of them turns things around. the washington capitals in florida, taking it to the panthers. still without alex ovechn, rehabing his injured shoulder. the caps did not need him. in the first, good movement, one-zero capitals. in the second, brendan morrison, he gets it by the panthers goalie. the capitals. two more, 4-1. the wizards, just awful tonight as they got ron allen of
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the gymnasium. remember this guy? former georgetown hoya roy hibbard. the pacers on top. the pacers rolled, in the fourth quarter, long distance, the three false. so do the wizards, 102-86. ouch. the redskins getting ready for a good night's sleep, wake up tomorrow, hop on the plane, go to atlanta, taking on an atlanta falcons team that has lost two street. jason campbell knows they will have a team sunday. >> it is a house -- a hostile environment against a good football team. at the same time, we're trying to change things in the second half of the season. friday night lights, share would-quite orchard, kevin adams is gone. he runs and 88 yards, all the way for the touchdown. it just like that, it was 7-0
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quince orchard. watch this. ooh, nice sidestep, then he runs for more. quinc orchard rolls past it sure would. -- rolls past sherwood. look at this, brilliant on the field and shots like that. in the conference playoffs, she threw elbows and kicked the ball into the head of an opposing player, and then did that. she apologized for her actions, saying that her emotions got the best of her. byu eliminated new mexico, 1-0, and you'll not see h on the field for a long time. that is because the coach after the game suspended her indefinitely. >> how about permanently? that is uncalled for.
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how many blankets tonight? >> a couple, plus at a few dogs. freeze warning in effect overnight for the district and all the areas that are shaded in blue. close to 60 tomorrow, upper 60's on sunday. >> thank you for joining us. it had a good night. (announcer) what the world needs now is energy. the energy to get the economy humming again.
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